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Elgin Charles

In Television on May 14, 2011 at 10:39 AM

Fast Fact:  Elgin Charles attended Ministry School!

Elgin Charles, owner of the renowned salon in Beverly Hills chatted with me about the wonderful world of hair. The “Emperor of Hair” to tinseltown’s finest speaks about Natalie Cole and the role she played in him becoming the sole African-American salon owner in Beverly Hills. He tells what marriage to Jackee Harry was like and shares how he landed a spot in Chris Rock’s “Good Hair” documentary.  Elgin speaks to me EXCLUSIVELY for the first time publicly about his VH1 reality show “Beverly Hills Fabulous“.

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Beverly Hills Fabulous!

In Television on May 14, 2011 at 9:48 AM

Fast Fact:  Elgin Charles is the ex-husband of Jackee Harry of 227 Fame!

Elgin Charles and his team joined us live to answer viewer questions about the show.  Special thanks to the Beverly Hills Fabulous crew for a GREAT time.  We learned so much about the cast members, hair care and MORE.  Congratulations to Ms. Max Thomas from Oklahoma City who won the Prize Package!  The show is archived in case you missed it!

AND listen at the top of the show our EXCLUSIVE for listen to the Elgin Charles theme song, featuring Chris Brown’s  artist Joelle James, the Skeem Team and produced by Octavia March!

Click here for the entire interview.